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March 15, 2017


Ted Tucker

Dang - I just laughed so hard, I'm still wiping away the tears. Points taken, KD - I promise I'll never it again. This one, plus your post on losing all trust by muting speaker phone during con calls, should be required reading.

Cari T.

Oh Kris, oh Kris. Can we meet half way? Queue Kenny: “Meet me halfway . . “.

Seriously though, I have a boss that loves to send meeting invites weeks and sometime months in advance. Almost always in the meeting request she includes “Placeholder. Agenda to follow”. Great, so at some point before the meeting, I get the agenda and other documents/attachments via email. Usually this occurs while I’m in the middle of something else. Do I stop right then and there and store copies of what she sent for the appropriate meeting? More often than not, I don’t; and there are usually at least three different meetings a week all scheduled in advance as placeholders. So I have a meeting invite sent a month earlier and an email about that meeting sent at a later point in time with the documents for that meeting. Ugh!

Where I want to meet is here: if you are sending a meeting request please send the link to where the document is posted, the file attachment at that point is irrelevant. That way, when you are off to that important meeting, and you look at the meeting invite, you can easily access that file. Also, the file is stored in a common/shared directory and not taking up space in your email inbox. And finally, weeks later when you can’t remember where that document is, but you can remember that you met on a sunny Thursday morning in June, and that the Celtics spanked LeBron and crew the night before, you can find that meeting invite on your Outlook Calendar with the location of the appropriate documents and all will be well in the universe.

Thanks for reposting this, I’ve been carrying this weight around for too long. Feels good to unload. Go C’s!!


Amen! Thank you!


Am I missing something? Seems easy enough for me to go to my calendar and click on the meeting. That opens up the meeting request that has the attachment. You could also create a rule in Outlook that would do what you are looking for.

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