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Sucking Up to HR Is Like Tipping Your Blackjack Dealer...

Can sucking up to HR protect you from layoffs?

No. Sucking up needs to be in this order:

Client -> Boss -> Boss’s staff -> Accounting -> (50 other things) -> HR

Kissing HR ass is like tipping your blackjack dealer. They can’t cheat for you even if they wanted to.

OK - I wish that was mine. It's from a comment on this string at Gawker about how Twitter fired 300+ employees in 2015 via email. And by removing them from Twitter.

Comments are better than the post sometimes...


John Hollon

Tipping your blackjack dealer cant make them cheat for you, but it CAN help you to control the pace of the game. That's a big thing for card counters, and any book on card counting says that you can train the dealer to work at the pace you want (within reason) with tips. I agree that sucking up to HR provides zero benefits, but tipping your blackjack dealer is actually a good thing if you're a reasonably good card counter ...

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