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March 29, 2017



Symbols like styles of dress change over time and are not core components of a culture. At it's core, cultures are a set of shared values, a code of conduct. These values and codes of conduct change very slowly and are different between cities, states, countries, regions, religions, political parties, and yes, even companies. It's why people feel like they fit well some places but not others. Most leaders don't understand what culture is, what its components are, or how to identify what is unique about their company. They find it easier to fall back on meaningless permission-to-play values like integrity instead of digging deep to learn what parts of its behavior are critical to its success. And many people confuse perks -- things that can be bought -- with culture. So, as much as I sometimes respect Steve Jobs, culture a tool that has its place.


Completely agree @Tscottdrake - culture can be a defining part of an organization and greatly affect employee happiness and productivity. The problem is, like you said, people often don't address the right issues when they're trying to improve their company's culture. There needs to be a better way to objectively measure the important values in a workplace and find the gaps between current and ideal culture.

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