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Good HR Leader/Bad HR Leader....

The Top 100 Movie Quotes for HR Pros: #70 is Jared from Silicon Valley: "Are We to Understand That You Did Not Crush It In 2012?"...

New series at the Capitalist: The Top 100 Movie Quotes of all time for HR Pros.  In no special order, I break down the 100 movie quotes that resonate most for me as a career HR pro.  Some will be funny, some will be serious... Some will tug at your heart like when the Fox voice-over guy said, "Tonight - a very special episode of 90210"... You get the vibe... I'll do it countdown-style like they're ranked, but let's face it - they're ALL special..

HR Pros. Always with the politeness thing.

Example - you're interviewing a candidate.  The candidate is obviously crazy and not a fit for your company or the position in question.  But you're trained you can't end the interview too quickly, which BTW - is a good rule of thumb.  Don't listen to anyone that tell you that you can end an interview after 10 minutes - that's a good way to take a lawsuit.

So you plow on in that interview.  You do your thing and maybe - just maybe - you try and plant a seed with the candidate about why he's not going to be hired through your line of questioning.

Which brings us to today's quote.  Let's say you're talking to a candidate who claims to be a high performer and is talking around an obvious gap in employment.  You could take a page from Jared (HBO's Silicon Valley) and rip off the following quote:

Quote #70 is Jared from Silicon Valley: "Are We to Understand That You Did Not Crush It In 2012?'...

Jared would make a great HR pro.  Sees the gap and hears the candidate talking and boom - addresses the gap.

Of course, he got a medical/mental condition thrown back at him as a result, but that's just details.

(video clip below, email subscribers click through to view)


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