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The Training Epidemic at Starbucks (1st World Problems Edition)...

Starbucks - it's a great company.  Examples:

--Marketing - they made me pay 3 bucks for a cup of coffee (check).   Tumblr_mocnq5LlXf1sntvimo1_500

--Employee Love - they hire well, and they take care of employees through things like full tuition aid (check).

--Training - their Baristas know what they are doing, and.... Wait a second.

Can I go off on a rant for second?  For the love of Shatner, can Starbucks close the business for an hour one day and train employees not to align the sipping portion of their lids with the seam on the cup?

1 out of every 10 trips to Starbucks, I get a lid put on this way.  The result?  Drippage.  Down the cup and on whatever surface is near underneath, which may or may not be my shirt at any given point.


1st world problem?  Why, yes.  What's your point?

My life is full of these type of problems. Jay-Z would say this is one of 99 problems.  ASAP Rocky would say I've got a ******* problem.

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Anne Liggett

Thank you, I needed this laugh today. So true and so #firstworldprobz. Beautiful.


and you're not using a reusable cup because????

C'mon Kris, the world only gets better one cup at a time...staring with you

Marilyn B

Just glad to know I am not the only one who has had a mis-aligned coffee cup seam.

Dave Wilson

KT, speaking of Starbucks, have you checked out how this manager got Sam, an autistic teenager and used music to help him with his movement disorder? I'm an employment lawyer representing employers and I love the way this manager thinks. Check out the story and the Youtubde video.

Dave Wilson, Hirsch Roberts Weinstein LLP, Boston, MA


So true. The other issue I have frequently is some fill the cup too full. I usually have one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding my cup and adjusting it over every bump so it doesn't turn my hand into raw hamburger.

I love the blog and I'm not even an HR professional.


Ann - I'm the ugly American. I have a disposable cup and 2 SUVs...

Dave - great video, thanks for sharing...

Anne, Chris and Marilyn - The struggle is real....


Kendra Caldarella

Did you see my instagram post from Monday? Great minds or the issue is that prevalent? I called and complained. One too many times and the worst case of drippage ever

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