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November 17, 2015


Chad Atwell

Quite a few Compensation/HR teams across California are going through internal/gender equity analysis due to the recent passage of SB 358 (Fair Pay Act). Tougher penalties and new requirements for record keeping. I'm sure there will be other bills like this in other states, so a lot more of this approach to come. Still, Benioff should be commended for emphasizing the importance of the topic to his organization.

Matt Landrum

Good pre-emptive move or slippery slope?
I don't know.


Kerry Leidich

The EVP HR says that the $3M is going to women and some men. There may have been other internal equity issues involved as well (e.g., age, geo). Anyway, it seems strange that HR leaders at a company like Salesforce were not already all over this. HR as a profession should get its collective sh*t together and lead on this issue rather than getting dragged along.

AC Longino

It would be interesting to know the statistics that typically affect pay at Salesforce.
Were the men more likely to negotiate harder for more money when being hired? Do the men on average have more experience? More education? I've yet to meet an HR pro who pays someone more or less based on gender for something like this. Just like anything else, I doubt the one factor of gender created the difference. In fact, I'm certain gender had noting to do with it.

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