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June 19, 2015


Michael D. Haberman

Fitbit is a measuring device, not a motivational device. It is not going to get you up out of your chair if you have no desire to get up. It is a good device for telling you what you have done. It is not going to force you to work on wellness. Anyone that thought it would is foolish.


Hey Mike -

Like the comment, but your ending is a bit harsh. Fitbit is actively being positioned as a wellness motivational tool. My HR leader isn't foolish, she's stating what you're stating as someone with a big healthcare tab...


David Berke

Fitbit probably is a "wellness motivational tool" - for those who are motivated in that direction.

Otherwise, it's like the treadmill that sits unused in the corner, except as a place to hang clothes.
Or the software program that could streamline some internal process - but only if people work at it.


Our company never rolled out a program focused on the Fitbit, but there are a number of teams who have informally adopted the Fitbit into their daily routine. In my observation,younger Fitbitters are just using their steps to feel less guilty about eating more Chipotle vs. actually taking and interest in their fitness. On the flipside, I've seen Fitbit bring to light to older populations that they aren't getting as much walking in as they thought pre-Fitbit.


Would the fit bit constitute as motivational if the employer provided a fit bit to each employee at no cost? And then incorporate the device into a wellness program (ex. X amount of steps at X date makes the employee eligible for a wellness discounted rate?)There's a lot more to it, but I can imagine that a fit bit can correlate with motivation depending on contributing factors.

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