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I know - you're a smart cookie.  And when you really put your mind to it, you can design the #### out of some HR programs.  There's just this one little problem...

Most of us over-design the programs we develop and roll out as HR leaders.

What is complex rarely gets used.  You have to think about the lowest common denominator in your audience when you design Talent programs.  And even if the lowest common denominator is pretty smart, you have to think about the time they have to use your solution, and the the time they're willing to spend to get up to speed.

Keep it simple and you've got a chance.  Great video/story below from Marc Effron driving home the point about two CEO's who gave two different HR Leaders the same task.  One went NASA-like and one kept it simple.  Guess which solution actually got implemented?

Keeping it simple doesn't mean you're stupid.  It actually means the opposite.

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Thanks for the shout out Kris!

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