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July 03, 2014


Erin M

Okay, seriously. I got Fight Club, Ode to Caffeine, Dennis Leary, AND a JayZ reference. Life is good.

Ben Eubanks

We are SO Diet Dew brothers (like blood brothers, but with CAFFEINE!).


Wait. Why not go for a sugar free Red Bull and be done with it?


I'm going to sound like my mother but....Do you ever eat?

Dan Erwin

I like my coffee shop cronies as much as I like my caffeine. But as you get older, it can be limiting. If I intend to sleep at nite, no caffeine after 2PM. Prior to that, enjoy the hell out of it.

However, I've learned that when I have a major presentation, juicing up on caffeine can be helpfully stimulating.


I am big on Diet MD. I have one in the morning after coffee. Been doing this for something like 15 years.

Michael Haberman, SPHR

My favorite answer at Starbucks when they ask if I need room for cream is "Nope, no caffine in cream." But I have gotten to be like Dan Erwin. Late caffine does disturb my sleep. Pisses me off too...

jessica lee

so i'm a little behind in my reading... just wondering though what your thoughts are on timing of drinking coffee and running. is there a window of time during which you will not drink coffee before running? i like a late afternoon iced coffee (drinking one now) and i'll probably head out for a run in about an hour or so.


Kris Dunn

JLee -

I can pound down a cup and be on a run in as little as 20 minutes. Probably the postive impact of the buzz....



RZA, GZA, and Bill Murray also make this country great. I'm an arabica bean snob, but I'll take whatever is offered. My company doesn't offer the cheap legal stimulant gratis, which continues to baffle me.

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