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Career sites, intranets, etc.  All that jazz seems pretty hard to create content for, right?  Almost no one really enjoys writing, and it's like pulling teeth to get people to contribute on time.  All my writers over at Fistful of Talent are purple squirrels - no sane person seeks to write voluntarily.

There's risk associated with writing.  Risk that it's going to suck and the world will reject you.  Risk that you don't have time.  Risk that someone will misinterpret what you are going to say.  

Don't do it.  Don't force people to write.  Instead, look at the chart below and then let's talk after the jump (email subscribers enable photos or click through for the chart):

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 3.22.50 PM

That chart is from a Mary Meeker presentation on the state of the digital web.  If you want people to contribute and drive engagement to any career site, intranet, etc - don't force people to write.  Instead, get them to share and contribute to your image stream.... 300 million photos got shared in 2012.  It's projected to be 1.8 billion this year... Think about that.

SoLoMO (social/local/mobile) is eating up the world and changing how people interact and engage.  Any careers site you have should reflect this change via an Instagram widget with an account you control or if you really want to be transparent, an Instagram widget based on a hashtag.

One missed photo opp today that's workplace related.  My wife took our son to the pediatrician today and walking out, they saw a dad with what had to be a rising high school senior dressed in her part-time waitress uniform from.... wait for it...

Hooters.  Or maybe it was an older sister.  Or second wife.  The picture would have been money.  

Pictures are content.  Get on it for your careers site or web property related to your employment brand.


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