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Module #1 In My Leadership Series is Booked - POP THE HOOD (Using Assessments to Build Better Teams)

On my bucket list of things to do in Talent/HR is to create a Leadership Training Series that I would be proud to deliver inside any company, with a focus on the most important conversations that have to happen to build great teams and get great business results.

That would make me a masochist to a lot of people.  But I digress. Cynics! Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.05.36 PM

The bad news is it's a big project.

The good news is that Module #1 (first of ten) has been created, delivered to a client, tweaked through feedback and is now sitting in the Smithsonian.  Actually, that's an overreach as statements go - It's just sitting in the cloud and on the servers at Kinetix until we deliver it again.

The first module up in the series is called "POP THE HOOD - Using Assessments to Create and Build Better Teams.".  Click here to get the main points of the Leadership Training Module via a whitepaper we just did at Kinetix. The whitepaper highlights some big points from the training, including:

1. A Primer on the science behind personality assessments used in the business world and where to get the most bang for your buck once you use an assessment to select the right candidate. Most companies use assessments as data points in the recruiting process, then forget about it. I think that's a missed opportunity. 

2. Notes on the best way to train your managers of people on how to use assessments to get more performance from their direct reports once onboarded. If your managers can't understand how to use the assessment by themselves, it's DOA. The whitepaper will get you thinking about the best way to train your managers to understand the power of the assessment and be fearless in using it.

3. Our simple list of 12 key conversations your managers of people have to deliver on to maximize your company's investment in a workplace personality assessment. If your managers can nail these simple 12 conversations with their employees, you're goldenand they'll create a level of trust and transparency that unlocks a higher level of performance across their teams.  

I think the real opportunity with assessments is the simple conversations that a manager can have if they understand the power of the assessment.  I think any type of training for your leaders around the topic of assessment has to help them take the next step, right?

Feel free to use the whitepaper to develop your own training - I'm a giver. If you're interested in bringing in this type of series, I think I'm ready to talk about it.

Closing note - the training module starts with the video clip from "Fast Five", with noted managerial expert Vin Diesel talking about what he needs in a team.

Vin Diesel is the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down, people.  Think of him as a vessel. 


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