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VOTE: What's the Best Name for My New Leadership Development Series?

One of the things on my bucket list is to create a real-world take on Leadership Development, specifically for helping managers of people become the best they can be with their teams.  

That's why were developing the Kinetix Leadership Development Series.  We're delivering the first module to one of our favorite clients next week.

But now - I need your help naming the series.  We're looking for an overall name for the series that will capture the Kinetix brand, but also not scare away potential buyers of the series.  It's a balancing act.
I've come up with 5 potential names - can you help me by clicking through and voting here?
Please click through and vote on what you see.  I did this when I launched my 2nd blog, Fistful of Talent - and the process helped me determine that I had no clue on what the best name was.  FOT got 70% of the vote and I thought it was a placeholder so another name could win.
Additionally, a couple of ways you can help:
1.  All notes are valuable.  Please vote and if you have thoughts, reply to this email and share them or hit me in the comments to this post.
2.  If you have a great idea that's not included here, please share.  I'd love to hear a better one that we end up using.  

 Thanks for your help!


Trent Merchant

They are all too long. Hard Knocks is too cute. Smooth Manager sounds like a pimp. Boss sounds like a middle manager at a regulated public utility in 1972. Modern usually means "not modern." Sorry if I am bashing. But these don't sound like your ideas. They sound like the ideas of 26 yr olds who were trying too hard. You should be straightforward but also emphasize what I assume will be a different approach from most of the recycled garbage that people put out. I will think of names. But The Linetix Leadership Development Series is better than the five you have.

Trent Merchant

1. Kinetix Leadership Development Series
2. Be like Water - you seem to have a jeet kun do approach in your blog, and it challenges conventional thinking.
3. Flex Your Style - our COO always emphasizes the need to adapt your own approach to get things done , rather than trying make everyone else change to fit your singular approach.
4. Is Anyone Following You? - or It Isn't About You (didn't you write that once?) - leadership dev isn't about doing things in a vacuum. It's about learning to influence and execute regardless of title or hierarchy.

So maybe those are no good either. But I think they are closer than your original 5. Good luck.

Joshua Westbrook

I don't love any of them. For some reason military themes feel right. When I think of people who know leadership, creating a sense of urgency, developing talent, adapting to change, utilizing discipline and being persistent, I think military. How about Special Ops: Leadership Development on the Corporate Battle Field?

Dan Johnson

I had to vote for Smooth Manager. Just because the Alien Ant Farm version of smooth criminal needs to play during the intro.

Without the song it is a little awkward. With the song it is brilliant.

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