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What The Hell Did the Interns Do At Kinetix This Summer, Anyway?

What did they do?  I'll tell you what they did via this nifty infographic put together by - you guessed it - the Interns.

Kinetix had a great group of interns this summer.  If you can hire them in the future, you should.  Good young professionals, smart kids, etc.  Here's their names with links to their LinkedIn profiles:

--John Ladaga - Marketing Major, Auburn (

--Ivy Hanks - Marketing Major, Georgia (

--Matthew Russo, Business Management Major, Ole Miss (

--Julia Odom, Business Administration Major, Human Capital concentration, Georgia Tech, (

What did they do?  Stuff like a Sales Training manual, a bunch of sourcing, some cool marketing programs, etc.  I'll let you take a look at the infographic to let it all soak in.

2 things jump out - One of them has a crazy commute (USA! USA!) and I drink more cofee in two weeks these this group did as a team in 2+ months.

Thanks Kinetix interns!  You did great and you are ultra-employable!  

Kinetix Intern Infographic






I love this! Very tangible and visible results. Easy to read the experience by the numbers, for those who like that. The only thing missing - which intern is the Ping Pong champion?

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