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Using Cat Sounds For Corporate Recognition....

I've been selected to be the "voice" of my son's 4th Grade Football team, which means I rock the PA system with the golden pipes.

It's preseason for the football players, and it's preseason for new PA guys as well.  So when I got home from a scrimmage earlier this week (where I saw my first live PA action), I noted the need for a sound that I could play when significant positive events (like first downs for our team) occur.

We're the Panthers, so the sound embedded below was a perfect 2 second clip for us.  Click the play button to hear it (email subscribers click through or enable images to see the player):

Of course, once I found that sound, I decided to be a huge dork and play the sound from my iPhone anytime I heard something from my family that was the slighest achievement.  Here's kind of how that went around the house that night.

Me: How did you day go?

Son #1: Good. I got a 22 out of 22 on a science quiz.


So far so good.  Next up:

Me: What happened that was good today for you?

Son #2: We got to go outside for recess.


And finally, Ms. Capitalist.

Me: And you Mom?  How did your day go?

Mrs. Capitalist: Fine.


You get the drift. The panther sound was played 20+ times that night, which made me think there's a tounge-in-cheek, fun, yet real opportunity for sounds to celebrate achievements in meetings as a part of your recognition strategy.  And the panther growl is probably perfect. 

Short, fun, new media and worthy of becoming a mixture of recognition, tradition and satire at your company.

It's noted, however, that the sound could be interpreted as cougar-like, which means strong women leaders over 45 years of age might want to find a different sound.

Maybe a bear.  You can figure out what's appropriate. Just find your sound ciip signifying achievement and recognition today.  



They've done studies you know. 60% of the time it works everytime.

Jessica Genry

Ours is a cowbell which, of course, allows us to demand more cowbell!

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