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August 23, 2013


Joan Dawson

It might have also helped that Triple H is married to Stephanie McMahon, Vince's daughter....

Elyssa Thome

Says a lot about giving employees room to grow, too. When an employee is doing extra work for no extra compensation, just because they want to, there is a huge opportunity to build a role around that person.

Kyle Jones

I have no shame in saying I watch WWE. I also agree that HHH did work very hard to get where he is today. He was working in the business behind the scenes before marrying Stephanie and it was after an onscreen storyline when they married in "real-life."


Hey Kyle -

I agree, the portraits of HHH are pretty clear, he worked to get where he was at and while the relationship with the boss's daughter never hurts, it's not the reason he's one of the top 3 people at the company, otherwise, there'd be no reason to take him out of appearances in the ring to do what he's doing these days.



Wrestling is full of deals and always there is a time for wrestler to move on. Apart from this Triple H is one of great wrestlers ever.

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