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August 22, 2013



I think what they mean to say is "if an unpaid intern is doing something that you'd normally pay someone to do, then a paid employee needs to be guiding them through it as an educational experience."

It's a little sticky. For example, would you normally update your website or would you let it sit around outdated for another six months? I'd lean towards getting a paid intern to do something like that just to be safe.



No, I meant it the way I said it. While your way is also true, the fact is that you're never going to have an intern be accompanied by a paid employee 100% of the time, so you have to make a decision on the type of work they're going to do up front to be legal.

Thanks - KD


Here's an even more "common sense" solution.
Rather than play gymnastics with defining legal contracts and evading labour law audits of the same, why not PAY these people as employees?
Employ them on regular short fixed-term contracts.
Any company (and we're talking about large public companies in the main here, aren't we?) that does not wish to pay for the benefits of employing a few bright and willing people who will contribute (even if it's only by making current managers better supervisors and trainers of staff) really doesn't deserve to be in business or call itself an employer.
Does it?

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