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August 29, 2013


Karen K

It is great to recruit from Enterprise, because after working there, any other job is a piece of cake. I love their ex employees. I used to work in college career services, and yes, they had a great recruiting program, but that is because there is a hole on the bottom of the bucket they are trying to fill. Their recruiters are exhausted. Their ratings are quite low. Okay, there's my potshot. =)


Totally agree with the point that "sometimes you just want to feel like someone give a ####" and maintain that this is the key to transactional based customer service (or any kind...). Oh, and seeing the Bosstones in a few there's that!


Always bias in favor of a post-Enterprise candidate...and I thought I was the only one who knew the movie reference when I would say in my best Louie Anderson, "See, today I'm washing the lettuce..."


Not an Enterprise fan. My one and only experience was in College Station, TX. They picked me up ok. But when we got to the lot, the car that was reserved for me was out. Two employees had taken it to go to lunch. I was informed that no other cars were available. Being remote, I had no choice but to wait 45 minutes for them to return. When they did return, the gas tank was less than one quarter full. They did offer to go fill it, but at that point I had no confidence they would return timely. I don't see me renting from them again.


I love Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I rent from here very often and each time everyone is really nice. Anytime I have a problem they make sure I am satisfied and will go above and beyond to fix it. they always have many cars to choose from so you don't have to worry about not having a good selection. the shuttle is always on time, clean with the nicest drivers. I will always rent from enterprise because they're the only company I will ever trust.

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