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What company invests for growth, all the way down to making no profit as they've grow the business from 0 to 60B in revenue?

Amazon - check it out in the chart below from Business Insider (email subscribers click through on post title for picture):


The reason I share is two-fold.  First, to share the crazy chart that this is.  They've managed to reinvest in the business to the point that have basically no net income run rate 18 years later with a 60 Billion revenue run rate.  That type of infrastructure investment is what should make FedEx and UPS pretty damn distrustful of Amazon.  60 distribution centers?  You think at some point they just might add planes and vans and cut the middle man out?

Too expensive you say?  THEY'VE MAINTAINED ZERO NET INCOME AS THEY BUILT A 60 BILLION DOLLAR MACHINE.  They'll invest in anything they want to in order to dominate.   The only question is whether putting FedEx or UPS out of business is an efficient use of capital.  Probably not for Amazon.

Second reason I share - you can show this chart to your progressive leaders when you get rejected for whatever professional development request you make this year.



What should frighten the hell out of the competition (what's left of it...) is when Amazon says "ok, we're good" and toggles that switch to profits...


They're nowhere near done growing/expanding. You oughta see how many Seattle city blocks they have buildings on or being built.


well..... let's agree this is a bright move although not in the interest of society. Let's watch the growth

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