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July 15, 2013



High potential performance coaching tip from Hemingway. Thanks @timsackett @krisdunn #chequed #talentselection


Who wouldn't like feedback like that? He got some really thoughtful comments followed with a "I really like you and think you're amazingly talented".

Feedback is the breakfast of champions (forgot who said that). Corny, but true - Proven with data by Gallup, Jim Collins, Blanchard/Johnson, ...

If this seems really easy to you, it's probably because you're an HR Pro. Don't assume your managers are good at it (especially if you are not modelling it to them).

Elyssa Thome

Great point Matt. The whole letter is an excellent model for feedback. Even (and maybe especially) with friends, the goal of feedback is not to make someone like you. To be an effective mentor you need to challenge and encourage. Well worth sharing!

Elyssa Thome

Though I'm not sure F. Scott was too keen on receiving feedback that his wife is crazy and ruined him...

Might want to leave feedback like that out of performance reviews.


"I write one page of masterpiece to ninety one pages of shit."

Best. Line. Ever!

You could almost say, I hire one HiPo to ninety one P.O.S' (in high turnover environments).


Yeah, maybe the crazy wife bit was a little over-the-top.

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