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May 30, 2013




In Bobby's defense, he saw a little, old lady on the other side of the court who didn't have a seat. He was just trying to get her a chair.

I think measuring the positive/negative feedback ratio is a great idea, and I'm even OK with your 1:1 ratio. I think managers can go 1 step further.

I think managers should do better than 2:1 positive/negative. There has been some good research on this ratio. For example discussion on the research see "How Full Is Your Bucket" (a really easy read) and for something more related to workplace interactions, see

As an aside: great coaches/managers know to consider who it is getting the feedback. Some people can really handle getting roughed up and yelled at "feedback is the breakfast of champions!" and some folks need calm, private feedback so they don't suffer PTSD and shutdown.

If your managers can't remember all those ratios and which employee respond which way, just have them remember "honest, frequent feedback - it is your business and moral duty". You can help them craft and improve their delivery when they start from there.

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