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We did a FOT Webinar yesterday with our friends at Halogen Software entitled, "Get My Agent on the Phone - How Smart Managers Position themselves as Career Agents."

I'm a big believer that the best managers aren't the best because they parrot what they've read on the business bestseller list - they're the best because they attend FOT Webinars.

I kid - they're the best because they serve as a career agent for the employees who report to them.  They're not authoritarian - "do this because I told you so"... They view and commuincate everything they do through the lens of the employee.

One of the things we shared and talked about - managers who are truly agents for their employee's careers have a way at measuring performance goals by getting employees to do cool things towards that goal - that they then can market internally and externally to the broader world.

See the slides below and ping me if you want to throw it around. (email subscribers may have to click through to view)


Elyssa Thome

Great tips! Love the idea of non-lame goal setting and looking at the bigger picture of career when setting performance measurements. A great manager can make a huge difference for employees, but it takes an investment on the managers part. Can't be about checking boxes.

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