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Yeah, I'm a volunteer coach at the local park, which has about 1,000 kids all vying to be the next Derek Jeter.  This year's team was the 9YO Angels, which started off a little something like this (email subscribers click through for photos):

Angels 1

That's an actual photo. Equal parts happy, tired and a little distracted.  Waiting for me to get out of the cage with the last player to arrive for the photo. I saw this photo and was reminded of this team:


Anyway, we worked hard and turned it into this:

Angels 2

Yes! League Champs! Congrats to all the Angels, including the ones that saw reduced playing time if their parents didn't subscribe to this blog.  I'm joking - as far as you know.

And yes, we had a brother roll up with one of the players on an off-road dirt bike:

Bears 2

If I'm lucky, once they get a little older that will turn into a late roster addition like it did for the Bad News Bears (pictured above).  

Congrats to the Angels - fun season.  And yes, the little guy who appears in profile shot on the sidebar of this blog is one of the Angels.  Like Vince Vaughn once said, he's all growns up.



Awsome! Congrats to all.
I'm a volunteer umpire for the local little league, and have been lucky (?) enough to do some of my 10yo sons games. It's been a great thrill to watch them improve over the season.
It's been interesting behind the plate. Tournament starts next week. Let's go White Sox!

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