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April 19, 2013



Patrick Warburton (Puddy) has supplanted Bruce Campbell as my favorite actor.

Since all the girls say I'm pretty fly for a white guy, I can give some advice on the successful high five. If you are about to high five with someone you believe may have no rhythm/co-ordination, hold your hand relatively still until they are most of the way through their swing. Give them a steady target. Then meet them with a nice pop. Keep the shoulder and elbow loose to increase the cool factor. To avoid a "wet fish", your hand should NOT be completely vertical (90 degrees to the ground), and it should be ever-so-slightly cupped.

Lastly, if you are initiating, don't hold your hand up high and frozen - just gradually lift the hand while making eye contact. It's OK to give an "up high!" just don't make a big deal about it.

The above advice is for casual acquaintances or guys next to you at the Blazer game. With your Homes, just goforit. No guts no glory. Let the sunshine in and let 'er rip. If it bombs, who cares. Revel in your failure. You'll get 'em next time!

You're welcome.

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