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April 29, 2013



I am convinced that most incidents of workplace violence are caused by pantyhose riders. #hrblog @kris_dunn

David Hughes

My nomination for funniest post from KD all year!


KD, in Harden's defense. It has been unseasonably cool in Houston this year.

Vidal F.

Loved It! Parsons looks like a Back Street Boy and Harden - Oh Harden, the man from "fear the beard" cannot afford this French look, especially among cowboys ...

Joel Kimball

Yeah, we still get reminded from staff from time to time that we really shouldn't wear jeans except on Fridays and only if we've made a contribution to charity. Cause we party like it's 1955.

But I'm in an old, conservative industry. Your mileage may vary.

Yours from the Company for Uncreative Anachronisms, JK

PS A pal of mine from college who works here made fun of my pink shirt. "Dude - it's 2013. When I got hired in 1989, I wore a pink shirt to the interview." Some people...


An item I think you may have overlooked - over the years I have noticed that an employee will start dressing a lot nicer because they are dating someone at work. This could be the sign of possible trouble. It depends on whether or not their spouse knows they've started dating again (if they are married).

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