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April 17, 2013


Lance J Richards

I think there's a need to also factor in the Chinese educational infrastructure, and its' limits. Market absorption of labour has certain thresholds (skills, competencies, volumes), and those could also force a slowdown in the migration.

Also, shrinking wage elasticity will cause folks to have a second thought before heading to the east coast or to Chongqing.

Slowing urbanisation? YES... fully agreed. Diminished desire? Hmmm.

Has the global recession (ostensibly over now for most of us) finally worked it's way through this particular snake?

I'm still watching to see how this capitalist economy interfaces with socialism with Chinese characteristics...

Joel Kimball

For us, the real sexy discussion w/Ops is the length of the supply chain vs quality. Finding and fixing a mistake in Mexico versus that looooooong chain of 6 weeks supply leading to Chonguing? Yeah HUGE difference.

Labor costs? Meh - that's so 90's. Supply chain length and time/cost to recover from an issue? That' so sexy! #supplychainmanagement

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