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I'm Digging How People Find Me On LinkedIn (the keyword rhymes with "Lexy")...

My friend Frank Roche over at KnowHR recently posted on something that didn't feel great - one of the top ways people find him on LinkedIn is to keyword search "Hewitt A$$".  You see, Frank Linkedin search keywords for KD used to be at Hewitt and...well... (see comments on post for the real explanation)

Which made me take a look at how people find me.  

First way?  Kris...

Third way?  Dunn.

Second way?  The keyword "sexy",  which 13% of my profile views generated by a keyword search started with.

Sexy.  Boom.  That just happened.  See the graphic to the right.

Rod Stewart. LMFAO. KD.  

But then, I decided to dig deeper and actually clicked on the keyword "sexy", which immediately busted my bubble by showing the following returns:

Linkedin search keywords for sexy

Ah... All FOT people showing up.  Run through the profiles and you'll see the culprit - our FOT profile, which says the following:

"The origin of FOT is simple to trace. In late 2007, Kris Dunn (KD) got a call from a major conference company: “We want to hire you to create a Talent Management blog for our new website”, the suits said, “Like the HR Capitalist but without all the boring HR stuff like legal issues and employee relations tactics – just the sexy stuff.”

Which provides relief on two fronts:

1. LinkedIn's algorithm returned Steve Boese before me and both of us before Kathy Rapp (both examples clearly disputable).  But we are in front of Tim Sackett, which brings a bit of order back to this little world we're viewing.

2. At least some of the people are also seeing a former Dollar Store associate from the south named "Raven Sexy", who is now looking for part-time work in the state of Louisiana after a 8-month stint at the Dollar Store.  She's back in school - Good to hear.  I'm pulling for Raven...

The moral of the story?  The words on your LinkedIn Profile matter (my profile has a few) and lots of people are using LinkedIn for... Let's say "interesting" reasons.

"VP of HR" produced 1% of the profile views from all total keyword searches that ended up on my profile. "Sexy" returned 13%.

You tell me what people are using LinkedIn for.  

I'm out.


Denise Green

Too funny.


Really too funny!! You wonder...

Pam Crouch

Always a great read Kris...Makes you wonder will LinkedIn be the next

Katherine Bengan

This is great and I did not know that you could even get this data. I am going on LinkedIn right now to see what searches my name come up for

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