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March 18, 2013


Andrea Colantoni

Hold your horses!
Are you saying that someone reaching for the manual is not innovative?

I have to disagree: in most US-listed companies you are dead if you don't comply with the procedures.

Or differently: you have to be rather innovative/creative/flexible to get anywhere in these companies as the rules can be stifling.

Want to now if a person is innovative: give them a hypothetical case and instruct them that they are not allowed to use solution a,b or c (=mainstream, or existing solutions). Take away the top 5-10 options depending on the complexity of the problem and give them 3 days (or 3 hours so they cant call their mates) to come back to you.

Takes time, but it works, in my opinion. Innovation is also a controlled process sometimes...

Just my two cents on the subject...


AC -

Good thoughts. It really comes down to whether someone who is high rules is motivated and has a desire to be innovative to get things done in the type of environnment you describe.

There's a few high rules people who would do what you describe. Unfortunately, most high rules people would follow the process and let it ride without the discretionary effort.

A better description of your person - low rules but high detail orientation could deal with the ops standards, but still have a desire to be creative in the margins to get things done...

Thanks - KD


I think i know a way to know for sure when someone does not have the ability to innovate. If they answer "yes, absolutely" to the question "do you have the ability to innovate?" they probably don't.

IMO, people are innovative when they are ready to explore what they don't know and question everything they know. which means that they are rarely absolutely certain of anything

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