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5 Things Hiring for "Fit" Really Means...

We love our culture.

We protect our culture.

We want new hires to "fit" our culture.

There's been a lot written about hiring for cultural fit.  My man Steve Boese has the latest here.

I get you want to build culture.  But when you start talking about "fit", too many times it's code for the following:

-You have to be young to work here...

-You have to look good to work here...

-You have to have gone to school where I went to school to work here...

-You need to have "energy" to work here (which is code for a lot of stuff)...

-You have to be able to work 80 hours a week to work here...

So cultural fit is something that a lot of people talk about, but many really mean something else.

A better way?  Look for motivational fit.  Where have you worked where you've been the most and least satisfied?  Spend 10 minutes on follow up to each flavor - positive and negative.

Do that and you'll find a much better "fit" than you're currently getting, with better performance long-term.

You'll also hire more ugly people.



We already hire ugly people - check the mirror!

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