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February 01, 2013



How do I get that job?!? This inspires me I will just start playing Check Your Head at the next Leadership Team meeting and bust a move. Can you say Cabbage Patch?


It's great that they mostly only play small venues too. They were just in town in November.

I know you've knocked them before but 311 is one of best live shows I've ever been to -they're equally vibrant and engaging. They've been doing this for a awhile now and it's always a showstopper - they mix it up each tour:

They also are the only band to my knowledge to 1) go on vacation for a week with their fans and play on a cruise ship 2) play for 311 minutes straight every two years 3) host an annual halloween show (I was at the concert in the video) in full costume (the first set)


Love the Bosstones - but to your point and aside from the music, we always remember them for Ben (Bosstone) and the plaid. It's funny that they have also had their music call Plaidcore...

But, on to music, Fishbone...that's where the magics at...

A fantastic documentary came out on them last year:


I just want to be horn and/or percussion for EW&F. There looks to be no better gig.


Was thinking of this post as I saw the BTones in Baltimore this past Saturday - Bosstone (aka "fat guy" :) ) was doing his thing and the band was kicking the usual ass. As they say, it ain't bragging if you can do it!

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