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Reflections from a past Ash Wednesday:

The year is 2002.  A young HR Capitalist is running a field region of HR for a Fortune 500.  He's Ash face attending national HR meetings in St. Louis (shout out to Nelly - maybe NSFW or NSF-HR, but it's St. Louis-themed for sure).  The meeting includes 10 Director/VPs of HR - the best HR team I've ever been a part of.

The second day of our meetings landed on Ash Wednesday.  A VP of HR who lived in St Louis grabbed a lunchtime Ash Wednesday service.  She came back with the ashes on her forehead.

Enter Southern Baptist HR leader.  SBHRL doesn't miss a beat.  Right before the afternoon got started, she proceeds to walk up to our Catholic HR leader and breaks it down as follows:

SBHRL:  Hey Ann - You've got a little smudge on your forehead (motions to poorly designed cross of ash remains).... 

Ann - It's Ash Wednesday.

SBHRL: Got it.  Just thought you would want to know.

Not everybody's going to get it when you wear the warpaint of your choice.  Great opportunity to educate and evangelize, though.

Wars have been started for less.

BTW - you've got a little smudge right there.  Seriously.



Really? Doesn't seem very Christian to me to belittle another's face; "Love your neighbor as yourself" and all...

Mary Kate Bartley

Your story made me chuckle. Every year, someone says "you have some dirt on your forehead." And, then, this year... nothing! A little disappointing.


haha.. I went to a lunchtime service on Ash Wednesday and the priest spoke about the smudge on the forehead...and he actually said just that.. "an opportunity for us to be avangelists of God for the day"... And I did get the "you've got something on your forehead" gesture from my nail lady at the nail salon that evenong.

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