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I Wish I Could Do This at the Office: Sh#t Ray Lewis Says At Work...

A lot of you are closet pro football fans. Sure, sure. Some of you complain about the amount of sports comparisons I draw when talking about HR and Talent. But then again. a lot of you watched the NFL on Sunday, which featured Ray Lewis in his last game in Baltimore (he's retiring after the upcoming loss to the Patriots in the next round of the playoffs)

Which brings me to the point of the post.  If I could talk like Ray Lewis does at work, I'd have the following vocabulary:

all day!!

get some @@@@#!

this house!

hell no!


What would you add? What Ray Lewis smack talk would you like to shout in your HR role?  "Get some <insert noun>" is probably my choice. "All day" is a nice runner up if you're not into the descriptive noun thing. Hit me in the comments with yours.

Is anyone else getting tired of seeing the pre-game rituals of Ray Lewis every single week?  Anyone else tired of the dance? Here's a video taste below (email subscribers click through for video):

For my money, the perfect linebacker is, was, and always will be Terry Tate - office linebacker (click through for video, some NSFW pronouns). Any chance these workplace commercial spots get remade with a retired Ray Lewis starring in them?  That would actually freshen up the Ray Lewis routine nicely in my eyes...


Carol McDaniel

You will enjoy the "unofficial" twitter acct, @raylewisQT - quotes from Ray Lewis. "All I know is grind", "What will you sacrifice for the men sitting besides you". And his line of shirts - "pissed off for greatness" - Hilarious!


In the year the Seahawks were robbed of their rightful Super Bowl, it was all Jerome Betis.
Before that it was Reggie White.

In any case the Pats won't see February.

Breanne Harris

I dig it actually. I'm a fan of anyone who operates with intensity and generates excitement...whether it's Ray Lewis doing his dance, Hulk Hogan ripping his shirt, or my co-worker who always answers his cell with "BOOM!" Not everyone can generate hype, but we all need at least one hype person on the team.

hr software packages

In the year the Seahawks were robbed of their rightful Super Bowl, it was all Jerome Betis.

testing interview questions

Good post...!!

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