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January 03, 2013



Ball don't lie!
Love it, KD. Congrats on your first T... sometimes you just gotta.


Why in heaven's name would I want to use this exclusionary phrase in my workplace?


Great story...actually, it's hilarious, especially the part when you shouted "ball don't lie" at the shooter!


Just like when I play tennis. When my opponent calls the ball out when it was clearly in and I lose the point. Then the next point I win. "Ball don't lie!"


I love this exclusionary phrase ;) Being that I don't work in the government or for a labor union, I want to exclude the ones who get it wrong especially after I warned them or protested.

Brian Zekl

I needed a good laugh this morning. Thanks KD!

Joel Kimball

KD, I was at 'sheed's first game as a Piston, way back in...whenever that was. I remember they played the Timberwolves, and I got courtside seats for a while (we swapped between that and a box with our friends). Kevin Garnett inbounded the ball directly in front of my wife and me..."MAN he is tall!"

Wait, what were we talking about?

Thanks for the 'sheed memories! He was fun while he was in town.


Totally work related! I listen to ESPN radio while commuting. Many times I have found myself reflecting on the parallels of managing a department and coaching a team. I even gain occasional insight on the perspective of my employees and managers listening to the impassioned conversations between players, coaches and analysts - which in turn helps me better convey why my idealistic HR advice is something that could actually help them. Thanks for share!


When my 22-year old son left his last employer they made a list of his utterances that should never be repeated.

He taught me to say, "real talk" as in "Real talk, Kris Dunn, real talk."

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