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December 28, 2012


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Grant Peacock

Amen. Zero Summers are becoming a more common occurrence rather than less... Great post, Kris. Happy Holidays!

Chris Walker

C'mon, Kris, you gotta get with the program. The Zeroes are everywhere. Can you say U.S. Congress? NRA? NEA? Advocacy group of you choice? Every issue is framed as one side against another, my way or the highway, it's how we roll here in the good old US of A. You're going to be totally worn out by February my friend if you start calling them all out.


a hearty AMEN to that, Brother Dunn.

In almost every endeavor that involves humankind, the pie can, and usually does, get bigger.

Electricity, the automobile, personal computers, the internet, wireless, smartphones, tablets, new farming methods, new water purification methods, medical advancements, micro-lending, greener energy ... more opportunities for more wealth and better quality of life for everybody.

And often 1+1 is > 2. Anyone that's ever worked on a kicka$$ team understands this.

Humans = The Ultimate Resource
(RIP, Dr. Simon).


Loved your article and am totally stoked that there are people out there like you who get it! I wish such people weren't so few and far between. I love how at the end of your article, you essentially practice exactly what you preach by mentioning my band. Thank you! I have also shared your article, I hope many people read it and spread the love....cheers and Happy 2013!!

Michael D. Maples

No matter who calls the play or carries the ball across the goal line, MY team scores. Even doing something badly, first, requires doing something. Your contribution may be the elimination of what doesn't work.

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