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November 01, 2012


Lori Jablons

Excellent post, KD! You totally hit the nail on the head with this one. I've seen this in action, and brother, it's painful.


Well said (no exclamation point...) It is about fluency. SKILL PRACTICE (not Role Play) is essential in learning.


KD -
Yes, I definitely agree. That guy probably sucked at just about everything. He could have pulled off the benefits overview though, or maybe the hours of operation, time reporting policy, and company picnic.

I think skill practice in training situations is ok, but it is even more effective if they can get some shadowing experience first. See how a real pro does it before they practice.

The old adage that practice makes perfect is BS - Only "perfect practice" makes perfect.


Awesome post! The guy should change his name to Hoover. Common sense conversations, not listed crap.


Yikes. For an article that critiques presentation and communication skills, the spelling and grammatical errors are numerous. I say it "sucks".


PREACH! If you are skilled in interviewing you can still make a behavioral interview question sound conversational, even if you have to push for more information. I have some hiring managers that I just convince to let me ask all the questions because I know they can't do it. Yes, they are the same people who can't pull off a presentation in a meeting or even a phone call in some cases.

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True! If its not your game, don't fight it.

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Incompetent employees are sometimes forced to do jobs they are not comfortable with or have no experience. This person might fall into both categories.

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