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November 14, 2012



Imagine if he had been with the team for the time required to be allowed to apply for and be granted intermittent FMLA leave. I can't think of many things scarier for an HR pro than dealing with ADA and intermittent FMLA simultaneously.

Joel Kimball

And here's exhibit 2,038,569,465,001 of everything wrong with employment law and legal decisions.

Burn me once...

John Hunter

Good thoughts. The biggest problem is that of going to extremes which are often encouraged by the way the legal system works. The larger the consequences of extreme measures the more likely people will want to avoid them.

I think most people would like to see reasonable accommodations. Often bureaucracies get tied to their normal procedures and could use more flexibility.

It is a reality that if those who are part of a interest group you care about expand the demands to far then people will just choose to remove dealing with that group at all. It might not be fair but as you say people learn from their experiences. I think those who advocate a certain interest and don't speak out against abuses of that interest make a mistake. Without limiting the unreasonable measure people just learn to realize if they start down the slippery slope they will be stuck with unreasonable demands. So they will just seek to avoid it - even if that means denying those who wouldn't be unreasonable opportunities.


It's just wrong! What is considered to be lawfully 'reasonable' and what is reasonable for a particular human being illustrates an immense difference!

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