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October 04, 2012



Yes, I am dealing with this exact situation currently with a member of my staff. Getting someone to understand how a message is received by others that have more sensitivity is a difficult thing to articulate.

Also, I have seen this a lot with executives and how they make decisions pertaining to employees.

Once a person has achieved a certain level of income and standard of living, it seems to become challenging for them to realize that life for the rest of the employees is not the same as theirs. This is especially true in companies where the majority of the workforce are entry-level and hourly.

For example, in a call center. You have people that make six figures (and have presumably been doing so for some time)making decisions about compensation and benefits for people that typically make $10-$15 per hour. These two lifestyles are completely different.

I think someone needs to be able to have a frank and realistic discussion with leaders about what life is truly like for the masses so they can make better decisions.


Good post - but what about the leader that has low sensitivity toward employees but high sensitivity regarding him or herself?

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