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October 10, 2012



Absolutely frightening. I understand what they were trying to accomplish with the video (I think) but your recruiting brand really needs to represent you as a company / employer. I definately did not get "...a company where our employees love to work, with a culture of openness and tolerance to different points of view, styles, races, gender, orientation, religion and cultures," from the video!!!

Makes me wonder where HR was?


I definitely got the impression that if they 'blessed' this thoroughly obnoxious and very offensive video as their culture, that I don't think I would want to work there for fear that I'd be bull-dozed over quickly with the offensive (obviously tolerated and encouraged) language and attitudes that they are better than my opinions and viewpoints. WOW - and they are on the hot stove for firing someone for being racially offensive? I'd bring this video to the courtroom to show how 'tolerant' they were of the insensitive culture they built! WOW...

Joshua Westbrook

There are a few remarks that I'd say were intended for an adult audience, but as long as that is made clear before watching, I'm not sure it offends me. To answer the question, I don't think this video weakens Kixeye's stance on racism. I wouldn't necessarily put racism and everything in this video into one bucket. The reality is they had to act on the racism issue, assuming it was legitimate, but the video is strategic, and I support their ability to define their uniqueness in the free market. I can see how you can advertise yourself as not making games for kids, the atari generation or the status quo, but then uphold the company as one that respects different viewpoints, cultures, etc...


I frankly found the video hilarious, though I also have a high tolerance for vulgarity. I wonder what the kid's parents think about the video though.

Frankly, being crass is different from being insensitive or hateful. A relaxed, vulgar workplace can be a very fun place to work, but when racism enters the picture, it can make the environment uncomfortable or even caustic for certain employees. I think they made the right call.

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