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How to Triangulate a Senior Leadership Team That Doesn't Think There's a Talent Problem...

Ah yes.  The Sr. Team.  They're talented! They're leading! They're movers and shakers!

And they're also slow to admit that they might have a talent problem.  Doesn't matter what the talent Sr team problem is.  Could be performance management.  Recruiting.  The strength of their people managers.  Whatever - it doesn't matter.  Regardless of the focal point, you've brought up things you think are an issue or a limiting factor for the business as an HR pro, and they've pooh-poohed it, haven't they?

"I don't think I have that problem.  We're good.  Have you talked to the rest of the Sr. team?  My guess is they agree with me."

Ugh.  So in order to get some movement towards acknowledging that your company could do better in the human capital area of your choice, go through the following 2-step survey process:

1.  Ask each of the Sr. Team members if they believe the issue in question (performance management) is a problem in their area.  If you're facing the situation I described in the jump, you're going to get a lot of "no's".

2.  Wait a week.

3.  Come back to them after a week, and tell them you need their help to dig a little deeper.  Say this:  "I know you didn't think you have a performance management problem in your shop, but do you feel like there's any other functional area that's having problems with low performers, good goal setting, etc?"

4.  You won't get all no's this time around.  Human Nature 101.

5.  Use the results of your poll to get past the general Sr. Team consensus that your issue isn't worth spending time on.

It's called leverage.  I know you don't have the problem, but does anyone else?  

Boom.  That's how it's done by the HR leaders who get human nature and aren't afraid to use the leverage it provides.



I do read your blog.


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Ah, human nature... Add in the ego of a high level executive and frequently they don't think there are any issues in their shop. But you are completely correct in that they will be quick to point to some of their peers and say that he/she has an issue. I love dealing with the senior leadership team. :)

Pulasthi Wannniarachchi

Senior Leadership Team looks nice. They can win the game by their talent.


This method works in communicating the need for change to Sr Management.

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