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DOWNLOAD: The HR Rubik's Cube (How to Revamp Performance Management at Your Company)

I've been doing a lot of work lately related to performance management, specifically how to get away from forms, rating scales and all the other administrivia that drives your clients crazy and makes them think you're more of a paper pusher than you really are as an HR Pro.

I know you're more strategic than people think you are.  That's why I did a whitepaper over at Kinetix called "The HR Rubik's Cube: Plot Your Talent Using the 9-Box Grid".  It's basically a starter's kit to being thinking about performance management with a very strategic end in mind, the type of tool that makes Rubiks Cube people go "hmm... I never thought of it that way" rather than "damn! Do I have to fill out this form again?".   Go get the paper and it will give you a nice intro to the following:

1. The Holy Grail of Performance Management (aka the Performance vs. Potential Grid), which allows you to look at talent in a multi-dimensional way, ignoring rating scales, metrics and other features that get in the way of measuring true performance at your company. 

2. Four Ways the Performance vs. Potential Grid Makes You a More Strategic HR Pro when it comes to re-engineering the Performance Management Process at your organization. 

3. How to Create a Performance Management System that Delivers the Performance vs. Potential Grid, measuring what really matters (performance) and adding items we call potential factors

If you want to read more, go get the whitepaper here (registration required).  Not a sales pitch, just interesting reading and a great way to help yourself out.  I wrote it, so if you like what you get here, you'll like the whitepaper...

If you find registration for content personally appalling, I don't even know who you are anymore.... Just kidding, just email me or hit me in the comments if you're hiding from the authorities and are naturally suspicious, and I'll send you the PDF...


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