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August 16, 2012



I believe David Windley is on the ballot for the 2013 SHRM Board of Directors


If HR wants a seat at the proverbial table, it could be a gruesome game of musical chairs:

Lizz Pellet

I think you missed one check on the list:

Measure the culture to understand what you have - via data, not just gut.


I agree with Lizz measure the culture and map the mindset of the employees,one needs to cull out information and keep a tab of organization's climate.

Joshua Westbrook

It's refreshing to see this in the Valley. It just continues to show that maybe the Tech Industry is getting all the Strategic HR stuff that every other industry is still talking about.

Let's be honest, either Windley should've been fired or he failed to fire the people that should've been fired.

And lastly, measuring the organizational climate can be important. But what good is knowing the organizational climate if you don't where the organization wants to go and how to get there. My point is, measure the drivers that impact the value activities that are defined by your strategic priorities. Then you need to allocate resources and make tradeoffs to activities that influence the drivers.

Organizational climate is important to creating value, but we need to be able to explain by how much each factor will impact value activities. CEOs don't just want to know the organizational climate. They want to be able to manipulate that climate to maximize value.

Travis Baker

Let's face it, in most organizations HR still must report to leaders above them who make the final decision on strategic and tactical plans. If effective talent management isn't a priority for the "boss", it doesn't matter how good you are as an HR professional; you're fighting a losing battle. This was either a political play to assert her dominance, or there was more going on behind the scenes we aren't aware of...


Is it just me, or does Google need to review its non-solicitation policy? Are there no ramifications for her to recruit all of these people out of Google?


It wouldn't matter if the culture was messed up or running like a well oiled machine, the new CEO would have brought her own people. "It's not what you know, it's who you know." It's also not how well you do, it's how well you sell. How many times have we read about millions paid to get someone to leave after they screwed things up because a CEO thought their guy was better than the one before?


Man, how I'd LOOOOOVVEEE to fire some no-talent HR loser. Just because you spent 5 years in college partying and consider yourself a "people person" does NOT mean you should be trying to run a business.


She should definitely not be allowed to pull all the employees out of google to yahoo. Employees must sign an agreement with any employeer on this matter.

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