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August 13, 2012


Tony Pearce

Well, on a medals v population ratio, I think you will find that both the US and China came a distant second to little old GB.

65 medals from a population of under 70 million isn't bad going in my humble opinion!

Team GB...Team GB..!!


I have to apply for a permit to lead a protest. "Where we can say what we want and be free'? Free to do what? The police rolled the occupy protestors out with night sticks. The people on bottom are pinned down by debt and fear, entertained, distracted and confused to the point of delusion. We're taxed and exploited until our backs break. We choose between two parties that seem to be different on the surface, but are exactly common on the two issues that have never changed, militaristic foreign policy for expansion of profit and a fractional reserve banking system which lends un-backed money in the names of our great-great grand children.


Well said Shad! I can't agree with you more!

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