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Can we learn things from marketing other than how to consume a 5-martini lunch and still get work done in the afternoon?

Sorry, marketing pals - you know I'm joking.  I'm just channeling a vibe from Mad Men.  I know you're the bomb, that's why we did a webinar at Fistful of Talent recently (sponsored by iCIMS) focused on how recruiters and HR pros can make their shops look less like ACME and more like Apple by taking a page from the book of successful marketers.

Example - in the webinar we covered The Top 5 Traits of Successful Marketers that Recruiters and HR pros should use to raise their promotional game.  What do great marketers do to generate interest?  What do average marketers do?  What should you do as a result?

Check out the slides below from the webinar for the answer, special thanks to iCIMS for sponsoring (email subscribers, click through to see the slide deck):


Jocelyn Aucoin

Oooo. Um. HA. You failed to mention what this webinar was about. But then again I didn't ask. I will be checking this later today when I'm 5 martinis to the wind.


JA - the webinar is over!!! so there...


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