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June 21, 2012


Amanda Phipps (Staffing News Of The Day)


Only one of those people in the elevator was a hired hand. None were left in any kind of state to battle me at the end, bring it. I got this.

As for antisocial behavior at work, we all have those days - some more than others. If you were a woman coworker, would Jim had stayed and waited for the elevator?

In Jim's case, its given him a more active lifestyle, good for him!

Side note, I'm no sports buff but March Madness was like in March, right?



Honk. Honk. Hate to say it, but I have been there. When I do get there I realize I am not in a good place. Time to stop, reflect and smell the roses. Life is too short.


It is bound to happen. I find it hilarious that one would rather take the stairs then be forced into 30 seconds of a socially awkward elevator ride.

Also, solid picture from Old Boy (one of my favorite movies of all time)

Johnnie Calhoun

Hi Kris, I was at one time not a morning person, until about close to mid-morning. But as of the last three years of being at home, alone most days, I've learned to appreciate the company of others during the morning hours. even if you don't feel like talking, a simple nod of the head in good gesture goes a long way.

Alex C

Very interesting and thought provoking. The key I've learnt is not to take things too personally in a situation like this.

Or... if the people in your workplace generally are rude, switch jobs! You see these people more than your family!

I found the best way to find a job was via niche job sites (at the time I found my academic role through I think, for those still searching). The niche sites cater specifically to your chosen career only and are great.

But, as Johnnie says above, I'm not a morning person either :)


In no known universe would I be considered a morning person, but by the time I'm pulling up to work, I've had time to ease into the day and can manage a smile and a brief, cheery greeting. If this is 'Jim's' typical morning, Jim has issues: perhaps mental illness or depression but certainly self-discipline. Suck it up, Jims of the world, you can manage a minor interaction and then appear lost in your own thoughts while someone blathers on about Batman movies.

Jocelyn Aucoin

Since I am so not a morning person, this gets a MAJOR CRAZY LOUD HONK. But yeah. Gotta take the elevator. And gotta keep it real. I always let my non-morningness be known. Or crabiness. Oh yeah. I'm a Cancer, people. We can be moody! HA! Whatever you do, keep it real so people don't assume the worst and get sad atchya.

KD, you hilarious.


I am sooo not a morning person. My co-workers got me a motto mug, "Coffee before talkie." But basic politeness (thanks Mom) would have made me hold the elevator, KD gets a nod, half-smile and mumbled "morning." But I gotta say...Kudos to Jim! No one needs your attitude in the close confines of the elevator...take those stairs with your bad self!


Honk - but it was/is avoiding coworkers on the subway. Elevators? pft, I can deal with a half minutes of pretending to be sort-of-social. But 20+ minutes in an underground sardine can? Seven save me...

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