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May 03, 2012



Maybe they did not take a job because ...wait for it...
it was not the best choice for their life.

The idea that your "closing skills" or relo package would be the difference is a stunningly narcissistic perspective.

I would bet your closing skills affect the speed with which a "right fit" finalizes, and wins edge cases. Unless you are hiring fools, the primary cause of a job change is the job.

Another Scott

I'm a $110,000 professional that is just about to turn down an offer for a "perfect job" because they offered me a $5,000 lump sum for moving (from MS to TX). This is with a 100,000 employee company and you probably know the name. I almost laughed when they made that offer with a straight face. No wonder the job has been open for 14 months.

As the article says, "If you aren't offering a relo package with the following three components - Temp Living, a Lump Sum Payment and Physical Move - you're wasting your time trying to relocate professional grade candidates."

I couldn't agree more.

Another john

depending on the target city, and the distance moved I would say best to simply five a lump sum for the move , somewhere around 20k seems reasonable to me.


The Art of Negotiating Your Corporate Relocation Package #corporaterelocation #newjob #moving #movers

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