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Here's a taste of what I'm talking about to a Performance Management client related to where the bar should be for the highest level of performance, regardless of the goal they're trying to achieve.  I call them anchors...

Performance that crushes the expectation gets to the following level:

--The Machine.  Consistently delivered work in scope and ahead of deadline, showed capability to take on more work than projected as a result.

--Oscar Nominee.  Work product was of the highest quality and generally blew people away.  Peers and Customers very vocal in a positive way.  He/She looked very different from others related to quality of work in this goal.

--Idea Depot. Generated a number of alternative, original solutions rather than simply refining the ideas of others, and actively experimented with those ideas without being asked.

--Need for Speed. Passion for area of expertise drove need for knowledge acquisition in the goal area, which occurred inside and outside of work hours.  Attempts to innovate naturally followed. 

Does your performance have to hit all of these things to be graded out at the highest level?  No.  But, if you want to start trying to change the conversation about what great performance looks like, you have to move away from getting a bunch of stuff done (#1) and start talking about great quality AND innovation and a thirst for personal development related to the goal in question.

Can you say 2 out of 4 of these statements apply to the team member in the goal area?  Probably not great performance.  3 of 4?  Yes - great performance.   4 of 4?  Absolutely great performance...



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So true! And I think we need to be honest about it, so employees know how they're being judged.

In the interview: Tell me how you've exceeded expectations...

In the job description: Need to exceed the expectations of customers/clients...

During the performance review: Average is no longer meeting expectations, it's exceeding expectations...

See how easy it is...


Great headline on this one, Kris.

I'd really like to see something like "Stand Taker" added to this list.

During an interview you could ask, "so when's the last time that you took a stand at the office for something you believed in?"

Seems like that's something that would really blow away expectations.

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