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April 18, 2012



Hi Kris,

I am reaching out to you on behalf of our client, Strayer University. May we share promotional content with you regarding scholarship opportunities with Strayer University and free courses with Jack Welch Management Institute? Please email us if you're interested: .

Thank you,

Insights Coordinator


So true! And I think we need to be honest about it, so employees know how they're being judged.

In the interview: Tell me how you've exceeded expectations...

In the job description: Need to exceed the expectations of customers/clients...

During the performance review: Average is no longer meeting expectations, it's exceeding expectations...

See how easy it is...


Great headline on this one, Kris.

I'd really like to see something like "Stand Taker" added to this list.

During an interview you could ask, "so when's the last time that you took a stand at the office for something you believed in?"

Seems like that's something that would really blow away expectations.

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