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March 26, 2012


Steve Thomas

The second will likely correlate to more innovation but neither are going to "force" innovation.

Innovation is about culture....engagement, trust, empowerment, and collaboration. If you really want to drive innovation you need to look at how you align your leaders to living those values and creating an environment that enables innovation.

Michael Weber

I think a combination of the two is optimum.


Hi Kris,
I am an adult student and one of my assignments is to read a blog and post a response. I chose your blog because of the 3.1% surcharge in the San Francisco post. But I wanted to respond to the one about innovation. From an outsiders perspective it appears the MBO approach might be a little stifling. However if all parties agree on what and how to do it I would think a higher percentage of employees would be more innovative. Having your own input is critical in developing a product or service but I would suspect many people do not see themselves as creative. To counter act that kind of thinking the MBO should be careful in evaluating the outcome of goals. Perhaps a goal was not completely obtained but the path being taken appears promising. Everyone may have to experience some delayed gratification. I welcome your response, because I am a student and I might be way off. I would love to hear feedback.


Shelley -

I like where your head is at. In my world, you can assign a MBO, and there might be a variety of reasons that the person hits or missed that goal. I'd also evaluate the actions of the person trying to hit the MBO, what they learned, the knowledge they sought out, etc to get a better understanding of how effective they were -

Thanks for reading!


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