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Hey - did you know that Workforce Management magazine is celebrating it's 90th Anniversary?  What type of service award is available for that?   A Ford Taurus?

Better yet - is celebrating the anniversary by putting up some March Madness style brackets, where they pit things like outsourcing vs. Title 9 - NCAA bracket style based on your view of which one had the most workplace impact.  They also did a pop culture bracket with TV shows and movies with workplace implications as well.  

How do you play?  Enter the challenge and make your picks, then Workforce will use crowdsourcing to move through the 6 rounds of brackets over the next two weeks and tell you who won via consensus.

Me?  I'm playing the role of Dick Vitale over at Workforce - picking the upsets.  See all my upset picks in the first round here.  Here's a taste of how I'm approaching it (and a taste of the matchups that Workforce is providing in this version of March Madness):

"Talent Management Systems (13 seed) over Jessie Jackson (4 seed): This one is for the selection committee. Putting Jessie Jackson in as a 4 seed is the hoops equivalent of giving an at-large bid to Northwestern and letting them host a regional bracket of the NCAA March Madness. If this was Martin Luther King, there's no upset possibility. He'd run the regional table and be a lock for a trip to the Final Four. He's largely responsible for Title VII and a lot of other good stuff in American history. He'd be the favorite to win the whole thing. But it's not MLK; it's Jessie Jackson folks. A 12 seed for Jessie? Maybe. A 4 seed? The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is a 3 seed; Jessie's a 4? Are you out of your mind? Look at some of the 5 through 10 seeds in this bracket. True, I wish I had a stronger dark horse than Talent Management Systems as a 13 seed, but I'll take it and the upset."  (KD note - remember, you're picking based on the Workforce impact these people/items have had...)

Go over and check it out - should be fun over the next two weeks!  Happy anniversary Workforce!



Throw Jesse Jackson in the NIT Tournament! He makes us look bad...

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