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We're doing a podcast called The CYA Report over at Fistful of Talent - Dawn Burke (VP of HR at DAXKO) and I co-hosting, Tim Sackett chiming in here and there and the kid, Holland Dombeck, reading the news headlines from Workforce.com for us to react to.

Our latest podcast is up - see the whole thing here...

But, if you're interested in something you can use now, listen to the segment below.  We interview our favorite compensation professional, Ann Bares of Compensation Force.

The big takeaway?  If you're at a company where managers are giving in and just giving everyone 3% (or 4% if you're lucky), you don't have to take it.  Create a little "carve out" pay for performance strategy and trick your flock of managers into rewarding the best.  

That and other topics in our interview with Ann, which appears below (email subscribers may have to click through to see the audio player....)


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