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September 13, 2011


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Steve Boese

The MLB coming down on the Mets for this was indeed, ridiculous. An absolute perfect example of the policy police gone amok. That and the fact that the Mets were indeed wearing 'special' caps for the game. Standard issue Mets caps with an American flag patch sewn in on the side. Special caps that are oddly enough for sale on for about $40.


Lifelong Mets fan here, so the following statements should be treated with the appropriate grains of salt.

MLB should be ashamed of themselves. The hat policy is wholly inconsistent with their previous stances. They said it was because they considered the hats sacrosanct, but as Steve notes above, not too sacrosanct to put a price tag on. Also, anyone else remember 2004 when they tried to put advertising on the bases? Apparently the bases are fair game to the highest bidder, but showing respect on the anniversary of a tragedy is disrespectful to the game.

Also, what makes the hats different? It's OK for a team to put a patch on the uniform in remembrance of someone/something, but the hat has to be just so?

I've never been more angry at Major League Baseball, or disappointed in the Mets, who should have told MLB to shove it. Imagine the PR backlash from fining players for where NYPD/FDNY hats on 9/11. No way MLB follows through in that case.

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